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Disposable waterproof public toilet seat covers for kids


Designed with Hygiene in mind

Designed by parents for parents! If you are like us and dread the thought of your little one holding on to a grubby public toilet or having their little clothes coming in to contact with potential nasties, then rest assured that Potty Pal will save the day! With it's oversize design and waterproof backing there is no need to pre-clean the seat and little pants are fully protected from coming into contact with the public toilet.


Peace of mind

No need to miss out on those beautiful picnic spots or your child's favourite play area because the local facilities give you the creepy crawlies. Potty Pal disposable toilet seat covers come individually wrapped for parents on the go. Pop a couple in your picnic bag and enjoy the outdoors, no need for portable toilets or potty training seats!


Freedom to get off the beaten track

If the words "Petrol station toilets" make you freak out a little, don't worry, you're not alone! Put road trips and overseas travel back on the itinerary! With Potty Pal, keeping hygienic while traveling with kids has never been easier... now all you need to do is pack the healthy snacks!

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PottyPal Pack x6 toilet seat covers

Disposable, waterproof and oversize child toilet seat covers. A hygienic solution for parents using public toilets with young children.

RRP $9.95


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